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flowty™ is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform focused exclusively on Flow blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

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About Us

flowty™ was built by three early adopters of the Flow blockchain, Michael Levy, Austin Kline and Guillaume Huot.

One of the greatest challenges encountered by collectors is a lack of access to liquidity without selling their NFTs. As NFT owners ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to part with a collectible, a piece of art or any other NFT. So, we went to work to come up with a solution that would enable you to access liquidity while retaining ownership of your NFT. Enter, flowty™.

flowty™ is a P2P marketplace that enables borrowers to pledge Flow-based NFTs as collateral to access short-term capital and lenders to evaluate and select passive income-generating loans backed by NFTs they know and love. We expect to launch our platform in the near future. Read more about flowty™ on our Medium. If you are interested in keeping up with our progress, follow us on Twitter @flowty_io and subscribe to email notifications.


Michael Levy (CEO)

Mike was an early adopter of the Flow blockchain and has built one of the largest collections on NBA Top Shot. He has significant experience in finance, management and fundraising and is an ardent collector of NFTs. Mike lives in New York.

Featured: Wall Street Journal, CNBC, CNN, HBO Real Sports and more

Austin Kline (CTO)

Austin was also an early adopter of Flow and NBA Top Shot. He is a full stack engineer whose previous work experience includes Amazon, Microsoft and Opensea. Austin lives in Seattle.

Guillaume Huot

G is one of the largest collectors of both NBA Top Shot and several other Flow-based NFT collections. He is a blockchain and web specialist, the co-founder of ZeBlocks and the COO of Luxcore. G lives in Montreal.

Featured: Generative art featured on Artblocks (Unigrids and Beatboxes) and at Sotheby's and Christie’s

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Contact us via email at info@flowty.io